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An uptown salon in downtown Tumalo.

Jacquie Venable

Jacquie Venable




Appointments: 509-942-9909

What I'm known for: 

Street stopping vivids, seamless neutrals, and customized razor cuts



I am definitely the girl with kaleidoscope eyes! I like to live my life in living color. Ask any one of my friends and the perfect words to describe my style is eccentric and bright. This reflects in my lifestyle, wardrobe and of course, hairstyling! I like to think of my clients as a blank canvas and my creations are truly a treasured work of art.

Away from the salon, I am an avid adventure seeker. If I had my way I would live my life out of my Element and travel the country seeking out the best beaches, rivers, and mountains. ...If only I could continue my hairstylist career at the same time! My days off are best spent outside enjoying nature as it is intended.  A number of life events led me to Bend, and to my special someone. In my short time here. I've found a beautiful salon home in Slate, and I'm eager to see what the future will bring!  I am constantly seeking new adventures and making the most of the time I have here on this beautiful earth by trying to see as many wonders as I can.

My social personality makes hairstyling a perfect career fit for me! It seems that new clients turn to friends overnight and I’m very grateful my job allows me to meet so many unique and beautiful individuals daily. I hope to make a new friend in you and see you in my chair soon!